We are a strategy consultancy and agency that wants to bring about big changes. In companies, in society, in politics. Impact is also part of our own business purpose, because we prefer actions to words and launch initiatives that are close to our hearts. Pro bono, with 10% of our working time and 10% of our profit.

vow to the new! #BringBackTheKids
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On World Children's Day, 20/09/2023, we launched our #BringBackTheKids campaign for the 19,546 Ukrainian children who have since been abducted to Russian territory. The sender is the aid organization #WeAreAllUkrainians, founded by Wladimir Klitschko and Tatjana Kiel. A TV spot, ads and posters are attracting attention. The campaign is activated by the #BringBackTheKids bracelet, which is symbolically made for each of the kidnapped children so that supporters can make their voices heard in their communities.

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On World Children's Day, Sept. 20, 2022, we launched our initiative for Deutscher Kinderverein with a new, programmatic brand identity and a stirring communications campaign. On all channels, we were thus able to generate a lot of attention for a topic that is far too often looked the other way. The attention-grabbing creation won awards and we were able to win many prominent supporters. But most importantly, after years of self-doubt, many of those affected are courageously standing up and showing their colors.

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A few days after the war started, we launched a free job platform for refugees from Ukraine together with Markus Diekmann and Christian Weis. With our open-source philosophy, we provide a space for seekers and helpers to balance social and economic sustainability. With impressive results: After just one month, we were able to offer 17,000 jobs from 10,000 companies and put around 6,000 people to work.

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